To Learn and Grow through Problem Discovery and Resolution
Yu Fei
Director of Analytical Research and Development, R&D Center, Luye Pharma

What has been your impression of Luye Pharma since you joined the company?
What impresses me most is the positive attitude Luye people have towards work, as well as their thirst for knowledge, which have been particularly noticeable during the internationalization process we’ve undergone in recent years. Luye Pharma encourages innovation and invests a lot on a yearly basis to encourage its employees to innovate. Luye’s rapid development could not have been achieved without its large investments and the unremitting efforts of its employees.

What do you do at Luye? Is there anything that you want to share with us?
I am currently in charge of analysis and research at the Luye R&D center. The advancement of any project is inseparable from collaboration across all departments, which is often a determining factor of how fast a project progress. At present, there are many R&D projects being worked on simultaneously, thoroughly putting the cooperative capability of each department within the R&D center to the test. Nevertheless, researchers at Luye have been able to tackle cross-functional communication issues with a positive and open attitude, allowing work to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

How did you grow and develop at Luye?
Researchers are innovation-oriented. What we do consists in constantly discovering and solving problems. I have an excellent team, with whom we’re able to learn and grow during the problem-solving process. Everyone needs a platform to grow, and the team, full of solidarity, motivation and pioneering spirit, is the best platform for me to do just that.

When do you feel a sense of accomplishment in your work?
Everyone needs to be encouraged. An employee feels most accomplished when their capability is recognized. The same is true for me. Luye is a company which fosters a strong sense of belonging among its staff and always endeavors to do better. Employees here are cared for and encouraged. As long as employees have dreams and work hard, they are sure to get the opportunity to perform on a bigger stage.

What do you want to say to young graduates?
Youth is the most precious treasure. You must have clear career and life goals in your youth and work hard; then anything is possible for you.