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Yan Yameng
HR BP, Luye Pharma

Yan Yameng joined Luye Pharma on November 10, 2016. She worked in the Government Affairs and Market Access department at AstraZeneca (China) after graduating from School of Foreign Languages, Shandong University as an English major student.

What was your feeling after joining Luye Pharma?
I was very excited when I just joined Luye Pharma and deeply attracted by the vigorous and caring environment here ever since day one. With the rapid development of Luye’s business in recent years, our work has become more substantial and challenging and I have more opportunities to learn about the business through various meetings and projects. Meanwhile, I have found a lot of excellent colleagues around me, who are full of passion and dreams and always treat all kinds of work with a professional attitude. I can always learn from them. There are a lot of after-work activities in Luye as well, Dance Competition and The Voice of Luye included. I am deeply blessed to be a member of Luye family.

When do you have a sense of accomplishment during work? 
When I love my work and do everything diligently. Especially when a task is completed in a project that requires teamwork, it feels like that all the efforts that have been put pay off and all the difficulties during the process are no longer terrible to see when I look back. Thanks to these obstacles, we have stronger commitment to overcome the difficulties, that makes the journey of more values. We’d be able to share our hardship, joy and strength.